Terms and Conditions of Use

The weighing device  can be used on various machines to determine the weights of the load being carried. As such, the methods of measuring (sensing) the weight can vary from utilising load cells to pressure transducers. Because of the wide range of  design and construction of the machinery the device can be fitted to, it is beyond the control of Voyager Scales Australia to guarantee the accuracy of the weighing system.

Numerous operational factors may also contribute to incorrect weight measurements being taken, such as attempting to weigh whilst moving or sitting on uneven and/or soft ground. Incorrect configuration or calibration  will also adversely impact the results.  When using a weighbridge to perform a trailer calibration, ensure the weighbridge has a current calibration certificate.

This device is not registered for use as a legal for trade system.

The use of mobile phones/iPads whilst driving is illegal in all states and territories of Australia.