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How the Voyager Scales App Works - Mini

The Voyager Mini is specifically designed for use on forklifts that require the  weighing of loads on the tynes.  The weight is transmitted to your phone and/or to multiple phones that are within bluetooth range. It may be the Mini but it is packed full of features just like the Professional Series from Voyager Scales. Not only will the weight be displayed, but you can configure and program the screen for the display of your three user defined labels. You choose the name of each label and what information that is contained within each label. The app will remember this information, date and time stamp it and then you can elect to send an email, text or even print to an on-board or office printer. Label printing is now easy should you want to attach labels to pallets or stillages etc.

At the end of the shift you might want to see a summary of the production and as such the accumulation of all loads is saved in memory on your smart phone. No need to be on the forklift, open up the app anywhere (even out of mobile range) and you can see the results for the last shift, day, or week etc. All loads are date and time stamped together with the running totals.


After installation, the Mini first needs to be paired with your iOS device. After pairing, it is ready for configuring. The Mini can only be configured for the pressure sensing from one sensor. This makes it ideal for the use of weight measurements on the tynes of a forklift. Once the correct schematic has been selected, k.g’s or tonnes, weight increments and decimal places can be entered.

In order to obtain greatest accuracy,  known weights of at least 50% of the capacity of the forklift are required. After the zero calibration (empty tynes) is done, the known weights are loaded onto the tynes, the tynes then lifted up 100mm above the point where the weight measurement is required and then slowly lowered the 100mm to the weight measurement point. Pressing “SAVE” after entering the known weight figure completes the calibration process.



When weight measurements are required, lift the carriage with the empty tynes above the weight measurement point and slowly lower back down to the weight measurement point. If the scale reads anything other than Zero, press “ZERO”.

The forklift can now be loaded with the weight you wish to measure. Raise the load approx. 100mm above the weight measurement point then slowly lower the carriage and stop gently at the measurement point. The weight of the item will now be displayed.

The Mini has the ability to send weight data via email, SMS or to the (optional) wireless onboard docket printer, label printer or a desktop printer. It’s your choice.

Three programmable fields are available for you to name as you please. You may wish to use the labels: Products, Suppliers, Customers etc. You can enter as many names as needed within each field and the Mini will remember all loads and categorise them under the first field which is given highest priority. It will provide a running total for these fields making it easy for stock control. All load information can be emailed, SMS or printed including the date/time, the names within the three fields and of course the weights and totals.