About Voyager Scales

Voyager Scales is a product of Atlas Weighing Vic.

Atlas Weighing Victoria had been installing and calibrating Front End Loader and Forklift scales for over 15 years before Voyager Scales Australia was born.

After repeated enquiries for an Australian made Agricultural trailer scale, it was decided to investigate the design requirements of a simple to use on-board weighing system. Starting with a blank sheet, our highest priority was creating a system that is very simple to use. If it required in depth instructions to either calibrate and operate, we knew it wouldn’t be popular. Local engineers were engaged to design a system that would communicate wirelessly with mobile phones and perform weighing functions, even when not in mobile coverage.

All designs, prototyping, and testing were performed here in Australia including the development of an intuitive phone App.  The scales are  also manufactured in Australia. This ensures support for the product is second to none.

At long last, we have a weighing system for our own Agricultural sector that we can honestly say is made for AND made in Australia.